Founded in 2004, OnSIP is a leading provider of real-time communications (RTC) services to over 45,000 businesses. OnSIP® Business VoIP customers enjoy the benefits of an on-demand phone system without the traditional high cost, burden, and inflexibility. The company also offers a cloud platform and simple APIs for developers to rapidly and affordably build RTC applications of their own.

Sometimes we are asked, “Who is Junction Networks?” Junction Networks is our founding company name. OnSIP is our product/service. It just so happens that OnSIP is catchier, so we typically use it in most places!

OnSIP makes setting up a phone system for your business like administering webmail. With a few clicks, you can add a phone number, users, phones, voicemail boxes, and more to your account.

But easy doesn’t mean basic. OnSIP offers 50+ phone system features, hundreds of configuration options, and the freedom to use any standard SIP phones. OnSIP will grow with your business.