In case of emergency, call from the cloud

Being able to make emergency calls is an important yet under-appreciated service. Can’t all phones do this? The calls are free, after all. Not to mention they’re required by the FCC in the U.S., as well as other regulatory bodies around the world. So what’s there to think about? Let’s say you’re setting up a VoIP-based … Read More ›

Why our new CCO chose Voxbone (and the booming world of enterprise infrastructure)

Global communications for enterprise can be really complicated. Mind-numbingly, table-flipping-ly complicated. No one is more aware of this fact than the team at Voxbone who strive to make these systems simpler, more efficient and less costly for growing businesses around the world. Such is the challenge that drew Shachar Radin-Shomrat, Voxbone’s new Chief Commercial Officer, … Read More ›