What Are the Benefits of Hosted Telephony?

The humble telephone has come a long way in recent years, and now BT is planning to retire the UK’s traditional ISDN and PSTN networks, steadily migrating all business customers to high-speed broadband lines dedicated to voice traffic.

Thus, upgrading your telecoms system will soon become a necessity rather than a mere possibility, and there are many advantages to doing so sooner rather than later. (Read More…)

RingCentral Unveils New Webinar Solution

Here at RingCentral, we’re always thinking about how we can meet our customers’ business communications and collaboration needs. It involves a mix of tinkering and brainstorming to find little ways that our solutions can make everyone’s job a little bit easier, simpler, and more streamlined. This is how RingCentral Webinar, our newest addition to the RingCentral portfolio, came to be. (Read More… ›)

RingCentral Adds 13 European Countries and Euro Billing 

We’ve had conversations with international businesses and listened to our customers and learned that businesses need communications solutions that address a global reach. The rollout of RingCentral Office in Europe is a major milestone in our global expansion. It started with the launch of RingCentral Global Office, wherein we were able provide service in 30-plus … Read More ›

RingCentral Deepens Partnership with Google by Integrating with G Suite SAML Application Catalog

As RingCentral deepens its Recommended for G Suite Partnership, we want to continue to provide enterprises the flexibility to choose the Google authentication method for their IT environments. RingCentral already supports Google login option (OAuth 2.0) for all RingCentral Office products and we are excited to announce with Google that RingCentral Office products will integrate … Read More ›

Why VoIP Makes Sense for Small Businesses

In recent years one of the biggest impacts that technology has had on the way businesses operate is increasing as well as improving communication channels. The way many of us now interact, liaise and network while at work has been transformed by a range of technology, some of which builds on traditional structures and other … Read More ›

RingCentral Glip in a Patient-Centered Clinic

As outpatient clinics play a bigger role in reorganizing healthcare around the needs of the patient, RingCentral Glip can help make care teams more efficient and effective. Outpatient clinics are important because they fill the gap between the hospital and the traditional medical practice. Outpatient surgery centers allow many common procedures to be performed on … Read More ›