How To Defeat Call Center Fraud Once and For All

Call center fraud is a widespread problem you probably haven’t even heard of. Chances are, agents working in contact centers probably aren’t even aware of a fraud call when it comes in. However, in 2016 alone, 1 in every 937 calls to a contact center were fraudulent in some way. Thanks to the 2017 Call Center Fraud Report by Pindrop, businesses can now understand the depth of the issue at hand — and as it turns out, it’s a pretty dramatic issue. (Read More…)

Jive and Cisco: Smart Desk Phones for a Smart Cloud Platform

Its always a good sign when we see one Business VoIP or UC provider joining forces with another provider. But an even better sign is when we see the major powerhouses of an entire industry team up with a Unified Communications provider. These partnerships are generally responsible for spawning new innovative solutions, and pushing Cloud Communication adoption in new ways.

And, as it turns out, it looks like Jive and Cisco are about to just that. Following their initial partnering back in 2014, Cisco and Jive Communications just went ahead and announced the latest update in this saga. The Cloud Communications provider, and Systems giant that is Cisco, are teaming up to form a new Unified Communications Partnership. (Read More…)

Top 6 Nextiva Alternatives for Your Small Business in 2017

Nextiva is generally considered a go-to provider for when it comes to best in class Business VoIP, and often ranks top among user reviews of service providers. Between compelling solutions and product offerings, award winning service, and the flexibility to build out a powerful, yet simple, UC solution help position Nextiva as a really strong choice.

But, that doesn’t mean alternative options don’t exist. While Nextiva can offer a well-rounded package, expanding from basic VoIP to Call Center solutions, they might not be the perfect fit for every team. While most providers offer roughly the same basic foundation, the differentiation lies within the service’s focus. (Read More…)

The Ultimate Guide For an Easy Unified Communications Transition

Unified Communications is quickly taking over most offices, and for good reason. Ignoring just the benefits of UC, we also know that by 2020 or so we will see the current Public Switched Telephone Network shut down, in favor of IP communications. And we’ve already seen almost the majority of businesses, both small teams and Enterprise companies, adopt this new standard of communication. With a pretty extensive list of compelling reasons to transition from the standard legacy phone network to IP and Unified Communications, its almost a no brainer. (Read More…)