Siriously: It’s Wolfram Alpha for XiVO and Wazo

Ever wished your Asterisk® server could harness the power of a 10,000 CPU Supercomputer to answer virtually any question you can dream up about the world we live in? Well, so long as it’s for non-commercial use, today’s your lucky day. Apple demonstrated with Siri™ just how amazing this technology could be by coupling Wolfram Alpha® to a speech-to-text engine on the iPhone about 5 years ago. And, thanks to Google’s new speech transcription engine and Wolfram Alpha’s API, you can do much the same thing with any Asterisk server. Today, we’ll walk you through the 5-minute setup with XiVO or Wazo. (Read More…)

The Stealth AutoAttendant for Incredible PBX and PIAF5

This week we’re dusting off an oldie but goodie, The Stealth AutoAttendant. If you missed our original column 8 years ago, here’s a quick refresher. When a call comes into your PBX, a generic greeting is played: “Thanks for calling. Please hold a moment while we locate someone to take your call.” Then the call is transferred to an extension or ring group. Stealth comes into play because this is really an AutoAttendant and, while the greeting is played, a caller can press a preassigned key to transfer the call to some other destination. While it’s obviously not a secure method for providing additional phone features to certain callers, it’s nevertheless helpful in opening up additional PBX functionality without making callers feel like they’re dealing with yet another IVR when they call your home or office. Using the 12-button keypad and clever design, features such as conferencing and DISA can be offered while still providing security through added prompts for passwords or PINs. (Read More…)

Introducing Incredible PBX with XiVO Snapshots

If you’ve been following along in our XiVO adventure with Incredible PBX, you already know that there were a significant number of configuration hoops to jump through once the base install was finished. While these steps are well documented in the original Incredible PBX for XiVO tutorial, there still were plenty of opportunities for typos and skipping steps. Any misstep could spell the difference in a perfectly functioning PBX and one that couldn’t make or receive calls.

Today we’re pleased to report that approach is now going the way of cars with a stick shift. If you want to continue to manually configure your XiVO PBX, you still have that option. Just jump to the original tutorial and run the installer choosing the options you wish to activate. But if you prefer a self-driving Tesla, that’s now an option as well. Continue reading, and we’ll walk you through using XiVO Snapshots. (Read More…)

Type It or Say It: Asterisk SMS Messaging Returns with Incredible PBX for XiVO

We continue our XiVO adventure today with two simple additions to the Incredible PBX for XiVO dialplan that enable SMS messaging both from SIP phones such as the Yealink T46G and using voice recognition from any XiVO phone. To implement SMS messaging, you’ll need at least one Google Voice account configured. To implement the voice recognition option, you’ll also need to first enable voice recognition on your Incredible PBX for XiVO server. (Read More…)

Integrating SIP URIs into XiVO for Free Worldwide Calling

It’s been a while since we’ve explored SIP URIs and all of the advantages that SIP URI calling brings to your PBX. Number one on that list is FREE calling to and from anyone on the planet so long as both of you have an Internet connection with a SIP phone or a VoIP server such as Incredible PBX for XiVO. SIP URIs are the fundamental building blocks for VoIP technology. Consider this. If everyone in the world had a SIP address instead of a phone number, every call to every person in the world via the Internet would be free. That pretty much sums up why SIP URIs are important. (Read More…)

Never Miss a Meeting: Google Calendar Alerts for XiVO

Today we’re pleased to dust off an oldie but goodie and to introduce Google Calendar integration for XiVO and Asterisk® 13.1 This gets you a reminder call at any number you choose based upon the Notification time that is set whenever you schedule a meeting or appointment in your Google Calendar. Our special thanks to Terry Wilson for his pioneering work at Digium® on the calendaring API. Together with the flexibility that XiVO affords out of the box, it made this incredibly easy, and the new design makes it simple to support as many Google calendars as you would like. (Read More…)