How to Manage Running Applications on the Grandstream GXV3275

Thanks to the rapid pace of technology, there is now an answer to not being able to have your smartphone out at work! The answer is the Grandstream GXV3275. This phone is smartphone disguised as a desk phone! Everything that is equipped on your smartphone is on the GXV3275. Everything from a camera to applications. This phone is even Android-based, so it will run just like your smartphone as well. (Read More…)

7 Reasons Why You Need Video Conferencing

In sales, we have all been in this situation. You are talking to a customer, excited about all the video conferencing solutions that you can offer them. You are giving great information about the features and functions of the solutions, including great price points. But then you get to the why: “Why do we need video conferencing?” (Read More…)

What is a Phone Extension?

Traditional phone systems have made us think about phone lines and extensions as fixed entities; a phone extension is an internal number (usually four digits) that employees dial to reach one another; and if a call comes in from an outside line, they would need to dial a different number to reach someone. Adding phone numbers and connecting phone lines caused monthly phone bills to increase as businesses grew. If the company grew to multiple locations, even more phone numbers were needed and extra phone lines had to be installed. (Read More…)

What is a VoIP Phone?

A VoIP phone is a telephone system that uses the Internet to complete the phone call. Delivery can either be completely via the Internet, such as phone calls from one VoIP customer to another (especially in the case of two customers using the same service), or handed off to the traditional phone system at some point, like calls to landline or cellular numbers from a VoIP phone. (Read More…)