Video Conferencing

Video Chat for a Website with WebRTC. Where to Start?

A Video chat widget is something you may want to add to your website. And while WebRTC is the only alternative at the moment, there are many ways in which this can get done.

For all intent and purpose, I will assume we’re going to focus on a WordPress site (like my own, which has no video chat widget because it isn’t needed for my business).

I will base this article on this Quora question and the brief answer I’ve given there: (Read More…)

7 Reasons Why You Need Video Conferencing

In sales, we have all been in this situation. You are talking to a customer, excited about all the video conferencing solutions that you can offer them. You are giving great information about the features and functions of the solutions, including great price points. But then you get to the why: “Why do we need video conferencing?” (Read More…)