Zoiper for Android (v 1.51)

The following review was conducted in June 2017.

Zoiper for Android is a VoIP softphone for Android devices, including phones and tablets. Zoiper supports IAX and SIP. It’s primed for remote working, and is capable of fully replacing a desk phone. There are two versions of the softphone, a free version and a premium version. The premium (gold) version includes wideband codecs, conferencing, encryption (ZRTP), and call transfer at $8.49. We’ll make a distinction between the free and premium version throughout the article.

Can Zoiper for Android truly replace a desk phone? And how does it live up to other softphones such as Bria and Grandstream Wave? We performed a comprehensive review to find out. (Read More…)

Bria for Mac (Version 4.0)

The following review was conducted in January 2017.

Counterpath’s Bria for Mac is the macOS equivalent of the venerable softphone that’s known to Android, iPhone, Linux, and other operating systems. The current iteration for Mac supports HD voice and video calling, click to call, speakerphone, mute, transfer, 3-way calling, and up to 3,000 presence-based contacts. (Read More…)