Introducing IVRs in a Flash with Incredible PBX for Wazo

Last week we introduced the all-new, API-driven Admin User Interface for Wazo 17.07. But pretty pictures are only the icing on the cake. It’s what’s under the hood that really matters. And today we want to walk you through the new IVR User Interface with Incredible PBX for Wazo. The Wazo developers heard from many of you that were missing the GUI-driven IVR tools available in other products. And we’re pleased to tell you it’s another Home Run for Wazo. The UI is well-documented, easy to use, and incredibly simple to implement. (Read More… ›)

The Stealth AutoAttendant for Incredible PBX and PIAF5

This week we’re dusting off an oldie but goodie, The Stealth AutoAttendant. If you missed our original column 8 years ago, here’s a quick refresher. When a call comes into your PBX, a generic greeting is played: “Thanks for calling. Please hold a moment while we locate someone to take your call.” Then the call is transferred to an extension or ring group. Stealth comes into play because this is really an AutoAttendant and, while the greeting is played, a caller can press a preassigned key to transfer the call to some other destination. While it’s obviously not a secure method for providing additional phone features to certain callers, it’s nevertheless helpful in opening up additional PBX functionality without making callers feel like they’re dealing with yet another IVR when they call your home or office. Using the 12-button keypad and clever design, features such as conferencing and DISA can be offered while still providing security through added prompts for passwords or PINs. (Read More…)

Your Callers Are Hanging Up. Find Out Why.

I record IVR prompts for a vast variety of industries. One day, it’s the phone tree for a sandwich shop in Saudi Arabia, the next: a mortuary in New Jersey. Regardless of what type of business it is, and aside from the various “styles” of read that is requested, clients all want the same thing:

a pleasant experience for their callers.

A phone system that’s easy to use, a breeze to navigate through, and doesn’t work at odds with the customer’s goal: to interact with the company and to get to a solution to their problem.

Sounds really common-sense when you see it written out before you, doesn’t it? (Read More…)