Alicia Sandino

A VoIP Phone Service for Every Industry

It’s typical to believe that a VoIP telephone service is one-size-fits-all. There are global attributes that can be used across industries regardless of size, there are solutions that businesses can take advantage of to get the most out of their VoIP phone solution and take their business communications to the next level. (Read More…)

This is Why Your Business Needs Voicemail to Email

Whether you accept it or not, voicemail is becoming less popular. As younger generations become significant consumers, business owners, and fill higher-level positions, it’s time to rethink how we look at voicemail. Luckily, voicemail to email can close the increasing communication gap between generations.

As a result of implementing voicemail to email, individuals preferring voicemail can still have their messages received and accessed by more tech-savvy individuals who might normally prefer email as their main method of communication. (Read More…)

What is a Phone Extension?

Traditional phone systems have made us think about phone lines and extensions as fixed entities; a phone extension is an internal number (usually four digits) that employees dial to reach one another; and if a call comes in from an outside line, they would need to dial a different number to reach someone. Adding phone numbers and connecting phone lines caused monthly phone bills to increase as businesses grew. If the company grew to multiple locations, even more phone numbers were needed and extra phone lines had to be installed. (Read More…)