Callcentric Reduces Toll-Free Rates

Callcentric today reduced their inbound toll-free rates for calls from both the US48 and Canada! The rate reduction is automatic for all customers and went into effect earlier today. Below is a summary:

  • Inbound from US48 – Reduced to 1.98 cents/minute (previous rate was 2.9 cents/min)
  • Inbound from Canada – Reduced to 2.4 cents/minute (previous rate was 7.0 cents/min)

For the next 30 days (1/18/17 until 2/16/17) they are waiving the one-time setup fees on all new orders for both Toll-Free Numbers and Additional Inbound Channels for Toll-Free numbers.

Callcentric is a RespOrg for Toll-Free Numbers giving them greater control over these numbers.

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