VoIPtopia 2017: Choosing the Best, Free VoIP Platform

Once a year we like to step back and survey the latest and greatest VoIP developments for the coming year. And 2016 was certainly filled with surprises including the release of free versions of 3CX sporting the PIAF5 and Elastix 5.0 monikers. That, in turn, produced a wave of FUD from our friends at Sangoma® urging users to return to their open source roots. But guess what? Sangoma was pitching their FreePBX Distro®, another closed source product just like 3CX. Sure, the Sangoma distro has open source components… just like 3CX and your car for that matter. But it’s disingenuous to diss other products because they’re closed source platforms when yours is too. So today we want to cut through the sales pitches and compare apples to apples while offering our Elastix friends this New Year’s Day Resolution: (Read More…)

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